The moment

In the days of anger

The days of fright

A Time from my past is out of sight

The moment he tried

The moment I felt the times of happy

The moment I felt the pain

The moment I knew

I stood my ground

I said goodbye

The person they once knew

Is stronger now

The person they once know is happier


I met him

I met him

He makes me laugh

He makes me smile

He makes me mad

This short amount of time

I met him

I feel like I’ve known him forever

But I met him

He has my heart

He has my soul

He knows my past

He knows my style

I am blessed by the fact

I met him

This be it

Outside I’m drinking

Inside I’m thinking

I will never make you forget her

I will never be up to her standers

I will never be enough to take her place

I keep drinking

I drink to stop the thinking

I cry inside sensing the changing

Will this be it or will the times show a change

A mothers wish

I hope

Sometimes I do

I know its stupid

I know its worth nothing

But I still hoped for years

I tried to do what I could

Knowing you were never coming back

Knowing she meant nothing to you

A daughters wish

A mothers hope

You said you would be there

You said forever

I guess it was a lie

She needed you

And I needed you

A mothers wish

For her father to be there

For her to be the apple of his eye

A wish I knew would never become true


I guess I haven’t done this yet but if anybody is wondering my name is Lex I have a twitter that is @Lexi199106 and the best email to get a hold of me is . I was born in 1991 so as I am writing this I am 27. I post things that come into my head as they may or things that I just feel like writing but in all this its My reality hence the name Lex’s reality. A few friends of mine had faith in my work and that made me believe in myself as well so here we are today


A war a fight
Somethings not right
The way we treat people
Needs to change
Royalty getting front news for having a baby
The world needs to change
The wars and fights over what?
Teach love not war
Teach respect not hate
We learn from children that its ok
We learn its ok to hate someone
We learn its ok to hate a gay person
We learn its ok to hate diffrent races
But is it ok?
Maybe we should learn from children
Love one another for who we are
There is no need for hate
There is no need for fights
Love one another through diffreances
Love one another through the hurt
We are here to make a change
Teach our children it is ok to be diffrent
It is ok to be us

Don’t tell me you like me

Don’t tell me you like me
I won’t believe it
Don’t tell me you like me
I’m too messed up
Don’t tell me you like me
If you don’t plan to stay
Don’t tell me you like me
If its just a temporary thing
I’m done with people leaving
I’m done with fighting for people to stay
Don’t tell me you like me
I just can’t take the lies
Don’t tell me you like me
When all you will do is leave

A Rivers End

This road I walk
This path I take
Alongside the river
Watching it flow with ease
Watching it move so freely
This road I walk is mine alone
There may be help
There may be people
This road I walk
Taking me to where I’m meant to be
The rivers end is what I see
The rivers end is where I will
Finally be me
There may be others
There may be souls
We walk our paths
We end up walking alone
Everything ends the way it does
Everything in the way its meant to be
Everything ends at the rivers end

Next or Last

He loved her then
Like he loves her now
Hands so tight
Making it right
She loved him then
Like she loves him now
Sometimes with love
It never works
Sometimes love is just a leason
Hurting and growing
Making them ready for the next
They maybe good people
But bad for eachother
They loved eachother but it was never enough
They wanted more
They wanted the world
But it was never meant for them
Your next may not be your last
But may be a leason
To get ready for your last

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